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A & A Backpacking Glacier National Park

Intro to Glacier National Park

Staying Safe in Glacier

Life at Rising Sun:
A Summer Spent in Glacier

Intro to NW Montana

Sights from Montana's Roads

Lake McDonald
  Avalanche Lake
  Trail of the Cedars
  Fish Lake
  Howe Lake

Going to the Sun Road and Logan Pass
  Hidden Lake
  Highline Trail
  Sunrift Gorge
  St. Mary Lake
    -Rising Sun
    -St. Mary Falls and Baring Falls
    -Sun Point
    -Otokomi Lake

East Glacier and Two Medicine
  Scenic Point
  Running Eagle Falls (Trick Falls)
Many Glacier and surrounding areas
  Belly River
  Cracker Lake

Waterton Lakes Nat'l Park and Canada
  Cameron Falls
  Bear's Hump
  Red Rock Canyon and Blakiston Falls
  Police Outpost Lake

Animals of Glacier
  Bear, Bighorn Sheep, 
  Fox, Marmot, 
  Mule Deer, Rocky Mountain Goat, 

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Montana An Introduction to Northwest Montana

Ah, Montana. Where the sky is big and the livestock seem to outnumber the people. Where old buildings such as this one are abandoned and left to sit until they collapse under the tremendous weight of snow on their rooftops. A place where I might like to end up someday.
Barn in Northwest Montana
Roads just east of Glacier National Park are located on the Blackfoot Indian Reservation, and run mostly over free-range land. Here the cows and horses run wild and often dart in front of unsuspecting vehicles. The cows in this picture were pretty alright. They were nice and stayed to the side of the road.

Chief Mountain and cows
The closest sizeable town to Glacier National Park (GNP) is Kalispell, MT. While I lived and worked at Rising Sun, I often took trips into town for decently-priced groceries, restaurants, movies (there are 3 theaters), chiropractor visits, and a taste of "traffic". The drive from Rising Sun, whether you go over the Going-to-the-Sun Highway or down Hwy 49 to East Glacier and over Marias Pass (Hwy 2), is about 2 1/2 hours.
Hwy 49, east of GNP
Flathead Lake

South of Kalispell sits Flathead Lake, its shores dotted especially on the North with summer homes and boat docks. People from all over Montana and even other states come to vacation here. Currently the population is pretty sparse (says the girl who grew up near Lake Washington, which is surrounded by Seattle and it's suburbs), but in coming years several places, such as Bigfork, could easily be overcrowded. Bigfork, by the way, has a seasonal Dairy Queen. That's right, after Labor Day it shuts down for the winter. Crazy, eh? The photo below was taken South of Bigfork on Hwy 206.
Flathead Lake